The Reviews are in

Renée Lamb, Christina Modestou and Seyi Omooba as Chiffon, Ronnette and Crystal. Photo Johan Persson

The first reviews are in, and it’s official….Little Shop of Horrors is a hit!

★★★★★ “gloriously succulent and deliciously sinister; exuberantly excessive, and as thrillingly, dangerously seductive as a beribboned bouquet of triffids.” The Times

★★★★★ “Inventive sets, wild costumes and a predatory drag-queen flower: what more do you want? Matt Willis is nothing short of stupendous” Financial Times

★★★★★ “Marc Antolin and Jemima Rooper are painfully adorable as wannabe couple Seymour and Audrey. Jemima’s ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ is a real highlight of the night.” Gay Times

★★★★★ “It has never looked quite as exciting or outlandish as it does here in Maria Aberg’s dynamic new staging, with inspired, witty designs by Tom Scutt. Do not miss it.”

★★★★★ “Casting the California drag queen Vicky Vox as the embodiment of carnivorous plant Audrey II gives the oft-revived musical a stiletto-heeled kick up the tush. With Vox as the alter-ego of a plant it gains an in-your-face sassiness…she’ll eat you alive.” Attitude

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