Interview with Vicky Vox

Vicky Vox as Audrey II. Photo Johan Persson (6).jpg

The casting of Vicky Vox has delighted both audiences and critics alike:

“In killer heels and skin-tight green Lycra, glittering and rainbow wigged, Vicky Vox struts, growls and croons, spritzing her lady garden with a plant sprayer and emitting occasional unnerving, flirtatious giggles. It works like a dream — or a fabulous nightmare.” (The Times)

Vicky spoke to The Independent about her career as a drag queen in America, and about making her theatrical debut in Little Shop of Horrors: I’m used to shouting to the rafters and hollering and making a big noise but this is very much the undercurrent, the show’s underbelly, and it’s kind of intense.”

Read the full interview here.

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