Creating the Production Image

4816_05_OAT_LSOH_banner_559x746_scroller8 (2)

We developed the image for Little Shop of Horrors following conversations with the director (Maria Aberg) and designer (Tom Scutt). As this process was happening before we had confirmed casting and production design, we wanted to create something which communicated intent, rather than something that would be a literal representation of the show.

In the spirit of the original, we decided that this image should feel subversive and anarchic. In the rather drab, downbeat surroundings of Skid Row, Audrey II brings chaos, and that’s what we wanted the image to suggest.

To create the look, Tom Scutt approached Jack Baxter of the Wig Chapel, and in turn Jack suggested Charity Kase to design the makeup; Charity also agreed to model for the shoot, which was photographed by Oliver Rosser of Feast Creative in Camden.

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